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Moisturizing and Nourishing Cream after Swimming Pool

17 Sep 2017 г.

Swimming is a beneficial way to get rid of some excessive pounds but it has a little disadvantage. Chlorinated water influences badly on skin, so body skin needs a special skincare to reduce the negative influence of chlorine.


How does chlorinated water influence on skin?

Water chlorination is a most common way to disinfect water in swimming pool, at least in Russia. As soon as warm water is a perfect media for bacteria and microbiota, it needs disinfection. Ionization and ozonizing are also used but they don’t give such a reliable result like chlorination.

Swimming in the pool causes skin dryness. During evaporating from the skin surface, water encourages transdermal water loss and chlorine boosts this process. Prolonged being in the water makes skin loose, water washes out skin lipid layer and make skin vulnerable to the infections. Skin loses moisture, dries and develops aging signs. Sense of tightness and itching can also occur.

5 Oils Cream for Swimmers by Repharm

Taking care of skin after swimming

Some easy precautions can help avoid unwanted consequences after swimming:

  • Wash off makeup before swimming because some ingredients can react with chlorine and cause allergy;
  • Take a shower after swimming. Wash off chlorine remains with soap or shower gel;
  • Apply moisturizing cream on the wet skin, it restores lipid layer on the skin surface and nourish skin. Remember, that nourishing cream is better to use right after shower;
  • Don’t go out after shower at least for half an hour, let your skin dry and cool.

Applying body cream after swimming plays a leading role in keeping skin youth and beauty, that’s why it should be chosen carefully. Russian cosmetic manufacturer Repharm designed a special cosmetic line for skincare after swimming and taking bath with natural oils in the composition. Body cream Royal 5 Oils for swimmers refers to this series. It is perfect for skincare after swimming in the salted or chlorinated water, beneficially affect on the suntan and may be used after every bath or shower.

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