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What Face Cream to Choose for Winter

6 Oct 2017 г.

The winter season is a special period for our skin, which requires special care. It is rather difficult to find out when it suffers more: ultraviolet rays destroy collagen and elastin, frost, wind and temperature changes dry skin. You should remember, in winter, skin metabolic processes also change significantly. Specialists call this time a period of biological calm, when the metabolism processes slow down and the activity of the sebaceous glands decreases. Even those people who have no skin problems in summer, spring and early autumn, notice that it becomes dry, flaky; skin loses its elasticity. If you do not pay due attention to skin care during this period, in addition to external negative presentations, you can get serious changes of the deep skin layers. Dehydration and lack of vitamins reduce the rate of cell renewal and provoke premature aging.


What skin creams do you need in winter?

Skin care consists of three basic components: nutrition, moisturizing and protection. In summer, their order of importance is as follows: moisturizing, protection and nutrition. In winter, the priorities change. During this period, first, our skin requires protection, then nutrition, and only then nutrition as in winter you should be rather careful with moisturizing. Of course, you need moisturizing creams, but you should apply them in the evening, not in the morning, as we usually do. Otherwise, their watery composition in case of cold air at subzero temperatures can harm and provide no benefits.

Speaking about nourishing creams, you should choose them as all other products on the priority basis: skin type. For oily skin, it is recommended to use products containing extracts of medical plants that regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands and provide a cicatrizing effect, as it is rather important in winter. Among them are extracts of aloe vera, sage, tea tree, calendula, hypericum and many others. In addition, the nourishing cream for oily skin should include the vitamin complexes.

If we speak about nourishing creams for combination and dry skin, then it is recommended to use products based on essential oils and vitamins. Among them are cocoa, sea buckthorn, rose hip, shea butter, pine nut butter and some others.

What concerns skin care product in winter, they should include animal fats, lanolin, petroleum jelly. They form a dense protective layer, prevent moisture evaporation and create a barrier against external negative factors.

The most optimal and reasonable algorithm of the winter care is as follows: use nourishing products in the morning, half an hour or forty minutes before going outdoors, apply the protective cream, and use moisturizing products in the evening.

Please, remember that protective products for winter care are divided into several types: those that are suitable as makeup base, and those that are incompatible with decorative cosmetics. The second group belongs to the category of protection products that are used in extreme conditions in case of prolonged stay at frost and icy wind.

Winter care products of Repharm Company

What products are better for skin protection in winter

Repharm Company is a local manufacturer of natural medical cosmetics, which provides a series of products for skin protection in winter. Amon them are Mink Fur Face Cream, Polar ointment and lip gel Repharm with peptides. They have a balanced complex of natural ingredients, the action of which is aimed at the creation of skin protection and its active nutrition. They consist of mink fat and lanolin, essential oils of sea buckthorn, rose hips, pine nuts, vitamin complexes, extracts of calendula, hypericum and some others. Polar ointment will perfectly suit for protection in extreme conditions, while Mink Fur Face Cream will perfectly fit as makeup base.

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