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What is the difference between treating and cosmetic hand cream

20 Jul 2017 г.

The majority of hand care cosmetic products are oriented to provide skin with everyday care, softening, nourishing and moisturizing. Treatment creams are a separate category of cosmetic products with a special formula, which are intended for intensive and efficient skin care, deep moisturizing, nourishing and regeneration. Compared to dermatological ointments and gels, a treating cream has much more functions. It can be used regularly to prevent skin defects, while dermatological products can be used only if medically required and for a limited period.


When and how you should use treating hand creams

Treating hand creams are developed to solve the following problems:

  • skin dryness;
  • cracks, micro damages;
  • various skin and nails diseases;
  • allergy on the skin;
  • negative symptoms of vitamins deficiency;
  • exposure to aggressive external factors (wind, sun, temperature range);
  • regular exposure to chemical substances;
  • skin sensitivity, etc.

Most treating hand creams are focused only on one specific problem, but there also exist products with a well-balanced formula, which can provide skin with total care. Creams of this category have the following number of functions:

  • fight against skin dryness;
  • healing of micro cracks and small damages;
  • fight against redness and exfoliation, caused by aggressive external influence, household cleaning products, allergy;
  • fight against parasitic, fungus and infectious diseases;
  • moisturizing;
  • regeneration;
  • nourishing;
  • restoring of protective film, activation if immune functions;
  • fight with aging changes;
  • improving nails growth and their natural gloss.

Treating creams should be applied not less than twice a day. The best way is to use them in the evening before going to sleep and in the morning after taking shower up to 1 hour before going outside in the cold season. By day you can use a regular nourishing or moisturizing cream.

The use of treating hand cream would be much more effective if you soak your hands in a warm water with herbs, essential oils or sea salt before cream application. This procedure may help to open the pores and let nutrients penetrate into the deep skin layers. After it gently apply cream from nails to wrist with stroking circular motions. Massage each finger including nails. Pat dry the excesses of cream with a tissue.

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What ingredients should a treating hand cream contain

The treating creams have a well-balanced formula, unlike ordinary hand care products. In addition to standard complex of herbal extracts, vitamins and essential oils these products contain special therapeutic agents to treat some skin diseases. Among treatment agents there can be panthenol, bisphosphonates, peptides, different vegetable acids, antiseptic and wound-healing substances.

Hand cream Leks by the Repharm company is a registered treating cosmetic product, which was clinically proven and has a positive feedback. It contains Ca-regulating bisphosphonate complex, which activates skin metabolism and provides skin regeneration and renewal. Natural ingredients in cream’s formula deeply nourish, reduce wrinkles and strengthen nails, heal small cracks and damages.

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