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What Are Benefits of Herbal-Based Creams?

10 Feb 2019 г.

A very important benefit of natural cosmetics is it safety of use. The composition of this kind of cosmetic products is full of herbal oils, organic acids, phytoncides, vitamins, minerals etc. Absence of any chemical agents ensures the full compatibility of natural cosmetics with all skin types.


Advantages and benefits of herbal creams

Herbal cosmetics can moisturize skin, nourish, cleanse, rejuvenate, protect from negative external influence, restore exchanging processes and improve antibacterial and anti-inflammatory skin conditions.

It should be noted, that the cosmetic products on unnatural base have nearly the same listing of properties, but they may have lots of negative properties as well, while the natural cosmetics is usually hypoallergic and completely harmless.

Herbal based cosmetic products by Repharm

How to choose herbal cosmetics

The main factor for choosing cosmetics is a skin type: dry, greasy, sensitive or combination skin type. The effective herbal components will be different for every skin type:

  • For dry skin. Usual issues for this skin type are the toneless color, exfoliating, tightness. Cream for dry skin should effectively nourish and moisturize skin, the active components are vitamins, sodium hyaluronate, thermal water, herbal extracts.
  • Greasy and combination skin is prone to widened pores and oily surface, which is concerned to oil glands overactivity, so the oil glands functioning regulation is the main objective of skin care for this type of skin. It is important for cream not to depress oil glands activity but regulate it. Recommended herbal components for greasy skin are ginseng, chamomile and calendula extracts, vitamin complex with vitamin C predominance, fruit acid complex.
  • Sensitive skin that overreacts to different external influences and internal changes, so even a hypoallergic herbal skin cream should be selected very carefully. Among the safe ingredients for sensitive skin are D-panthenol, vitamin complex with vitamin P predomination, hypoallergic herbal essences and oils.

Natural herbal cream efficiency is also caused by elastin, collagen lanolin, allantoin and hyaluronic, lactic and stearic acids among its ingredients.

Herbal based creams by Repharm

Herbal based creams by Repharm

The cosmetic products by Repharm are presented by several series like:

  • Special calcium-regulating products that include face creams, body creams, hand, feet, eye creams etc. of different use like day creams, night creams, nourishing, toning, moisturizing etc. The main distinctive feature of this series is bisphosphonate complex in the cream composition. Bisphosphonates act as a skin metabolic regulator, which slows down aging and wrinkle developing, activates epidermis cells regeneration. Among the active ingredients there are extracts of calendula, chamomile, clover, hawthorn and peony, cocoa butter, tea tree oil, olive and grape oils, hyaluronic, citric and succinic acids, collagen, vitamin complex.
  • Special herbal-based series that contains day and night creams for sensitive skin, lifting creams, anticellulite creams etc. The products of this series are hypoallergic and use only natural components like tea tree oil, lavender oil, lemon, geranium, eucalypt, cedar, sage, kelp extract, horse chestnut, succinic and malic acids, flavonoids, carotene, vitamins etc.

Besides that, the Repharm company produces natural hair stimulating products, baby cosmetics and a series of peptide cosmetics.

Bisphosphonate products Calcium Cosmetics

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